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The man was later found in Queensland a few months ago and was accused of raping two other women in similar attacks.

The 31-year-old decided to share photos of her injuries after she learned the man would not be charged last Thursday.

The discovery of gold in the Bendigo Creek in the 1850s transformed the fortunes of a sleepy nineteenth century sheep station overnight.

Migrants, dreaming of riches, flocked here from throughout the world and Bendigo became one of Australia’s biggest boomtowns.

Bendigo was then producing more gold than any other mine in Australia.

It is still the 7th biggest in the world today with 780,000 kilograms of gold having been excavated.

The 81-year-old female resident of Kangaroo Flat near Bendigo had been dead inside her house and was badly decomposing for at least four months Officers took one woman away for questioning on Thursday, according to a neighbour.

What do we do if we’re single and waiting or when we’re the divorcee who struggles with remarriage?Rapid growth continued as the railway reached the settlement in 1862 and Bendigo was declared a city in 1871.As the surface gold disappeared, mining companies were founded to extract the vast underground riches of quartz reef gold.‘These photos only show the bruising to one of my thighs, one of my breasts, a few on my arms, collarbone and my neck. ‘What no one knows is of what scars I have under my boobs, around my vagina, my clitoris, or the internal damage done.’ Kate hopes that by sharing her photos, it’ll help women be more aware of the possible dangers of online dating.She said: ‘It’s scary to know what some people are capable of.