Consolidating multiple domains

Often, consolidation is staged, with email one of the first services that's consolidated.Once the decision to consolidate to Exchange in a single forest is made, there are always questions about how to achieve a single Exchange organization being accessed by users in multiple forests and what type of trusts are required between the forests.Isn’t the holy grail of user experience not the possibility to only logon once and never to enter credentials again?We can do that today, and with the Net Scaler 11 release this is even easier than ever.There is Wikipedia, but it is not without bias & beyond the value expressed in the hidden bias most of the remaining value from it flows on through to the attention merchant / audience aggregation / content scraper platforms.Last month DMOZ announced they were closing on March 14th without much fanfare. A number of people have pushed to preserve & archive the DMOZ data.

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Exchange 2010 will support the use of Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) for access to Exchange mailboxes.

The solution should reduce the number of helpdesk calls to reset passwords – especially for users coming from a federated partner, but also calls for getting access to applications.

This specfic solution requires an Active Directory account for each user in the resource domain to access Xen App applications.

Some existing DMOZ editors are planning on launching a new directory under a different name but as of the 17th DMOZ editors put up a copy at A couple other versions of DMOZ have been published at Open Directory &

DMOZ was not without criticism or controversy, Although site policies suggest that an individual site should be submitted to only one category, as of October 2007,, a news aggregation site operated by DMOZ founder Rich Skrenta, has more than 17,000 listings.