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The African Union and the Non-Aligned Movement have expressed unanimous support for Mauritius on the Chagos issue.The Constitution of Mauritius states that the Outer islands of Mauritius includes the islands of Mauritius, Rodrigues, Agaléga, Cargados Carajos and the Chagos Archipelago, including Diego Garcia and any other island comprised in the State of Mauritius.The UK has stated that it has no doubt about its sovereignty over the Chagos, and has also said that the Chagos will be returned to Mauritius once the islands are no longer required for defence purposes.Given the absence of any progress with the UK, Mauritius has decided to "internationalise" the dispute and take up the matter at all appropriate legal and political forums.

Should you find yourself lucky enough to be holidaying on the beautiful island of Mauritius, located east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean, I suggest you make it a priority to seek out these astonishing creatures.The islands were formally established as an overseas territory of the United Kingdom on 8 November 1965.However, with effect from 23 June 1976 Aldabra, Farquhar, and Desroches were returned to the Seychelles on their attaining independence.The Mauritian Wildlife Foundation provides a safe environment for endangered native species like the Pink Pigeon, Telfair Skink and Ornate Day Gecko.If you’re lucky, you’ll meet passionate team member Benny Henry.