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The 25L6 is an octal-based vacuum tube of the beam-power tetrode type.It found common application in AC/DC radio receivers - such as those of the All American Five type - and was also found in large numbers in early computers, such as the UNIVAC I.The 25L6 was introduced as a metal tube November 4, 1936, but most examples of this family were made of glass.The ST14 Glass 25L6G came out March 30, 1937, The T9 size GT version came out April 11, 1938.The control centre is located in Central London, but for security reasons we were asked not to disclose the centre's exact location in the capital.

Opening in 1863, the network has grown to become one of the most iconic and advanced of its kind.“Sometimes there’s a delay, it might be half an hour, maybe even two hours and then we’re left with a body on the platform and disturbingly for us we have to find a place to put a body.“Unfortunately, we had to use, at Stratford, a bin store outside in the car park, you know the big, massive, industrial bins.The spokesman said: “Following agreed procedures, a body may be moved to a secure room within the station to await collection by undertakers.We believe our staff do a fantastic job in responding to such difficult circumstances and they are offered counselling support, if necessary.” Confessions from the Underground will be broadcast on Channel 4 on February 2 at 10pm.