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(Ronnie) *crying* just enjoy your tour, this way you're not always rushing back to the bus to get online or on your cell, when you get back..can see what happens.*END OF FLASHBACK* (Ronnie) *smile* yea..(Joe) *smile* good *finishes his burger* not to ditch you, but if we are going to go out tonight I have to get working on this song we are trying to finish... (Joe) ha..(Ronnie) *giggle* K I'll pick you up at 6 then (Joe) *smile* see you then *joins Kevin in the media room, quickly followed by Nick* (Ronnie) *walks over and sits by B*hey Bay whattya say (Bailey) I say thank goodness Nick is gone *wraps up the cheeseburger and offers it to Ronnie* (Ronnie) no thanks (Bailey) *makes a gross face, then throws the burger in the trash* you didn't see me do that (Ronnie) No worries, I won't tell, even though watching you and Nick bicker like that was quite amusing and I wouldn't mind seeing round two for entertainment purposes.I can fill you in *B and Ronnie head up to B's room* (Ronnie) Ok so what the hell happened last night and OHMYGOD what happened to your arm? (Bailey) I don't want them messing with Jake..would just make things more awkward at school..whats the deal with you and Joe?(Bailey) Jake happened (Ronnie) details *demanding* (Bailey) nothing really, we started fighting because he tried to blame his cheating on me, AGAIN, and I told him I wasn't going to sit there and let him blame me and he grabbed me and wouldn't let go..then Sam comes out and gives him a right hook that sent him flying off the porch..he got up in Jake's face and told him to back off and Jake left..he took me home. (Ronnie) No, I just turned it off someone was blowing up your phone with calls and texts *B turns on her phone to see she has missed 6 calls and a bunch of texts* (Bailey) I have 2 missed calls from Jake and 4 from Nick...those must have been last night (Ronnie) so did the boys see your arm? (Bailey) they saw, Nick seemed mad, Joe and Kevin asked about it and I was able to blow them off. guys back together or what cause don't even pretend you came here for me.Bailey’s POVLunch went by too quickly and then Mom made us all sit down and do more pacework, Joe and Nick got an hour in before they were called back to set and it was back to just me and Livie and no cell reception…Livie remained zonkered even after I finished my pace work for the day so I headed back out to the dock to relax..

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(Ronnie) *sigh* nothing, you didn't DO anything, its just..are leaving in a couple weeks..will be gone all summer...surrounded by thousands of girls... (Ronnie) *sigh* you might be able to handle the long distance dating thing, but I can't, I'm falling in love with you and it would make me crazy not being able to see you and I don't want to be the crazy jealous long distant girlfriend... You're falling in love with me so you are breaking up with me?

Still, they have been snapped in several outings together and back in August they were photographed kissing.

Meanwhile, Nick and Samantha have been romantically linked since they shared stage in the West End play in July.

(Ronnie) that's fine I was planning on hanging out with B anyway. (Bailey) so glad my misery amuses you (Ronnie) ok, so what happened last night??

I went back in so you could talk with Jake and never saw you again (Bailey) lets go to my room...