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Tony and Candice are already parents to two boys, Hawkins, 4, and Rivers, 2.The NFL star and his wife, a sports reporter and sister of actor Chace Crawford, tied the knot at Arlington Hall in Dallas in May 2011. 16 on his future wife's 24th birthday, after about a year and a half of dating.But he showed so much passion and his immense talent was obvious - even to an untrained eye like my 16-year-old self. It wasn’t until I asked for a Romo jersey for Christmas that they knew I was serious.For the remainder of the season, I watched every single Cowboys game from start to finish, learning more and more about the game and the players each week.With Bob Dylan's "The Times They Are A-Changin'" playing in the background, Tony Romo just thanked Cowboys fans for all the love and support as he figures out his NFL future. "I just wanted to come to tell you it's been a crazy 48 hours here," Romo said from what appears to be his home gym. Jones said last week any return date is purely speculation at this point.

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The Dallas Cowboys quarterback and his wife are expecting their third child.I am unsure what is next for our marriage and what Tony plans to do but I will raise my daughter and I hope he will continue to be a father to our child. The former’s spoofs include a similar admission of bisexuality by Justin Bieber and a story claiming that the 2014 Super Bowl was rigged.But I do hope the best for him in what he chooses to do with himself. By the time both Todd Archer and Mike Fisher had tweeted it, written it, gone on the radio to report it, gone on TV to report it -- because it is a tale of that much magnitude -- there was no more doubt.The Tony Romo Era with the Dallas Cowboys is over, Fish noting that Dallas' plan is to make the iconic QB a post-June 1 designated cut (the financial ramifications are here.) Fish has also reported that the Denver Broncos want to be first in line for Romo suitors starting Thursday, when all of this goes paperwork-official. As I update my recent piece on the subject, I remind you that the Tony Romo story is also, to me, about ... Growing up in Texas, I was part of a very small percentage of the population who didn’t care about football. I decided to homeschool for the remainder of high school and I completed 10th-12th grade in one year, allowing me to focus solely on my acting career.