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Ctrl Break "Code execution has been interrupted" - VBASub Sam8() K = 1 Do While Mid(Cells(5, 5), K, 1) <> " " K = K 1 Loop Range(" A8"). Forgive my ignorance: Are they talking here about [Control panel \ configuration manager \ components \ repair]? Code execution has been interrupted (VBA): : Code execution has been interrupted - VBA- - Code execution has been interrupted continue -... Didnt help much it seems: Run Offices detect and repair. Quite simply, Java Web Start is a mechanism for program delivery through a standard Web server.Typically initiated through the browser, these programs are deployed to the client and executed outside the scope of the browser.Of course, what you might learn quickly is that you cannot actually do this via "AJAX".Luckily, Rob Gonda warned me about this at the New York Cold Fusion User Group when he came to talk about AJAX, and so, I went the "secret i Frame" route.Delivering client-side Java technology-based programs has recently been a daunting task.Browser differences -- both in versions of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) and security architecture -- have caused many developers to abandon rich client-side solutions in favor of using Java technology on the server, with Java Server Pages (JSP ) and servlets.

We will look at four network applications, written completely from scratch in Java.

I guess this explicitly re-registers some of Office's native COM components and does stuff that REINSTALL doesn't.

Google around on VBA Code Cleaners Worked it looks: This problem got solved by choosing REPAIR in Control Panel.

I then had a separate issue with registering my own .

I expect the latter just goes through a checklist and sometimes accepts what's there if it's already installed, maybe.